Animal Care

Runs on: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Based at: The Quantock Centre

Session Information:

The animal care session is a chance for service users to participate in the daily animal husbandry tasks of the farm. The session activities include the feeding, watering, grooming and mucking-out of all the animals which include pigs, horses, ducks, chickens, geese, goats, rheas and rabbits.

Animal Care Group 1

The service users also accompany the staff to our local animal food supplier and are involved in the loading and unloading of food and bedding and the refilling of our various food bins.

Animal Care Group 2

The Animal Care session is very popular, so we now run this group four days a week. The session is open to all service users, but can be difficult for those with walking difficulties as some of the activities are on uneven ground.

Animal Care Group 3

Animal Care Group 4

Animal Care Group 5

Animal Care Group 6

Animal Care Group 7

Animal Care Group 8