Runs on: Wednesday (all-male group) and Thursday (all-female group)
Based at: The Mendip Centre

Session Information:

Horticulture is a session that runs all day on a Tuesday and a Wednesday. We also incorporate the farm Labourer days into working in the garden during our busiest times (Spring and Summer).

This summer has been fantastic. We have managed to grow successful crops throughout May, June, July and August, using different methods e.g. comfrey vs cow manure.

Next year we are planning to use the Bio-dynamic system and plant with the moon cycles.

Middle of April: Preparing the ground for the first cabbages.

Gary working to create a herbaceous border

The Farm Labourer Group made covers for us, after the rabbits and pigeons helped themselves to one too many!

Two weeks later, cabbages are looking great

The first week of May: Ground worked and runner beans in, ready for a lot of watering.

All prepared for the pumpkin patch
Glen and Tim working hard to pot on bedding plants

We try to encourage as many pollinating insects to the garden as we can.

Kevin working in the bee garden

The potatoes are ready for earthing up.

One of the many potato patches

Looks like a bumper tomato crop

Another daily vegetable crop

The vegetable crops are used by the From Scratch Cooking Group.

Catherine takes delivery

The group makes its own fantastic Comfrey tea green fertilizer.

Lacel brewing another batch

Keeping fit and stretching our digging muscles